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HONG KONG OVERVIEW: Hong Kong, well know as a heart of continent of Asia. Its natural beauty and robust market financial system never lose any chance to attract foreigners. To work in Hong Kong is very simple and straight forward procedure if you have all required paper work in advance. But if you don’t have knowledge about these formalities and legal aspects, no need to worry, Helpinghand Visas is always happy to help you and to guide you for getting visa in any purpose, whether it is education, job or any other reason. Our highly qualified and well trained team helps to navigate the application process within time limit and in professional manner too.

Hong Kong is one of the top most countries in terms of economic freedom, education and technology. Any outsider who wishes to start a new business or to make career, for those Hong Kong is the best place. They all must have to apply for visa to reside in country. This is very important to know, only those candidates can get visa that have an offer from a Hong Kong registered company. Many visa programs are providing for those candidates who see their growth, here. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is also one the most excellent program by which non residents can get relocation in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the desirable country for Indians due to its propinquity from India. Helpinghand Visas experts offer you a 100% success rate for all applicants to fulfill their aspiration. We assist you in your application process for a copious visa some are given below:

  • Employment Visa
  • Investment Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Education Visa


Hong Kong’s immigrated department implemented this QMAS entrance exam scheme from the year 2006. The reason behind QMAS scheme is to lure well qualified or talented immigrants for starting a business or discovering employment in Hong Kong. To reside in Hong Kong, it is compulsory to clear this QMAS entrance exam and candidates are not allowed below 18 years.

Eligibility Creteria for QMAS -

  • To file an application for QMAS candidates must be 18 or above.
  • Applicants must be capable to fulfill all financial necessities given in application.
  • Candidates must not be from criminal background or any illegal activity.
  • Proficiency in English or Chinese with written or spoken manner is must to apply for visa application.
  • Applicants, who come from higher educational background, have more chance to get accepted visa application.

In QMAS selection procedure there are two types of test –

  • 1. Point based selection test
  • 2. Achievement based selection test

In Point based selection test candidates, who are in their early age get 30 points. Good educational background is for 40 points, More work experience with good decision making capability will be countable in maximum 50 points, Language expertise and family background like number of children and how much their age is for 20 – 20 marks. All in all minimum passing marks is 80 points out of 165 points.
After getting minimum passing marks in point based selection test candidates can compete in Achievement based selection test. This test is held by immigration department, attracting for Exceptional talents, Brilliant skills, those who are national, international award winner and for those who got a life time achievement award to give specific contribution in particular field.
These all selection procedure is done by Director of Immigration department and Panel for advisory commission. The final decision publishes on the Immigration Department’s website. Once individual get approval they will have to present in Hong Kong Immigration Department with all original documents for an interview. After all documents completely verified, immigration department permit them visa to reside in Hong Kong, according to their scheme.