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New Zealand PR Visa

You can apply for a permanent resident visa after you have held a resident visa for 2 years without interruption. You must have also met any conditions imposed on your Resident Visa which can include a sponsorship period of up to 5 years.

If your resident visa is subject to a sponsorship period of five years, you are not therefore able to apply for a permanent resident visa until 5 years after your first day in NZ as a resident.

Requirements for a permanent resident visa of New Zealand:

To be eligible for a permanent resident visa (PRV), the principal applicant in your original residence application must:

  • hold a resident visa, or have held one in the last three months
  • hold, or have held, that resident visa for at least two years continuously
  • have met any conditions that your resident visa was subject of the Immigration Act
  • meet relevant character requirements, and
  • have met one of five commitment to New Zealand criteria set out below.

If you were not the principal applicant in the original residence application, you normally cannot apply for a permanent resident visa unless you apply at the same time as the principal applicant or later.